"Roading Logistics has been using the MetroCount RoadPod® VM system to monitor traffic on high-volume roads in New Zealand for just over 2 years now. Our local and state government clients are based in the lower North Island of New Zealand."

Fast installation

"We were so impressed with the timeliness of the installation of the RoadPod® VM, taking a total of just 1 hour on a carriageway of a 4-lane road. The massive reduction in installation time compared to other permanent monitoring systems reduced both the risks to our staff’s safety as well as costs incurred for traffic management." 

RoadPod VM sensors on the road sending real-time traffic data to ATLYST


Accurate data in real-time

"The 24/7 real-time data has proved extremely accurate. We compared the data collected with both video monitoring and a MetroCount tube counter, on the same site for the same period." 

ATLYST traffic data software


"Our clients are so impressed with the data and being able to view the information so easily and clearly in the ATLYST software. ATLYST is extremely user-friendly: managing and analysing a vast range of data is super simple and useful. Reporting is easy and comes in several formats that can be shared at the click of a button. You can literally be anywhere in the world and view your real-time traffic data at any moment."

Maintenance free 

"We visit the RoadPod VM sites occasionally as we are constantly driving the surrounding network anyway. However, we have only once needed to go to the site to replace a sensor due to a road incident. It took 5 minutes to both replace the sensor and get it connected online."

 "During the time that the sensor was inactive, all the other sensors continued to collect data in its absence, which resulted in no data gaps."


Cost cutting

"The other added benefit of the RoadPod VM is the cost. Once the system is installed and the data is flowing, that is pretty much where your costs end. So, for long term sites, you don’t need to visit the site, maintain the site, and if there ever was a problem, ATLYST will alert you to it! 

RoadPod VM real-time gateway installed on the roadside


We would normally need to run short-term tube surveys at these sites 4 times per annum. So, switching to the RoadPod VM system saves us money, gives us more data all while reducing the risk to your staff - with limited time installing/maintaining sensors on the carriageway. It also improves the road environment by not using rubber tubes and nails or screws into the road surface."

Game changer for high-volume roads

"The RoadPod VM has changed the current practice for counting traffic on high-volume roads and safety for workers immeasurably in New Zealand.

It is well known that poor driver behaviour, crashes, and deaths on roads in New Zealand are the worst in the world. Being able to count high-volume roads 24/7 has enabled the New Zealand Transport Authority and local governments to monitor volumes of traffic and vehicle class at all times of the day.  Establishing how traffic volumes and types of vehicles are moving through these sites is a major contributor to the future planning of New Zealand roads. It allows authorities to determine how often and what type of maintenance is required, or if realignment or a complete redesign of the road is required."

"We would not use any other product on high-volume roads again. The RoadPod VM suits the needs of our users, and with seamless installation, minimal cost and high accuracy, works perfectly for us as the provider."


Thanks, Donna Seymour for your insight into working with the RoadPod VM. Read more about the innovative real-time traffic data collection system here.

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