Know your hardware

  • Understand how traffic classifiers work.
  • Determine which type of traffic counter you need.
  • Optimise data quality by correctly installing counters on different road types.
  • Easily plan and implement multiple traffic surveys. 
  • Manage surveys remotely and download data from your desk.
  • Check data quality and diagnose issues if they appear.

Know your software

  • Generate traffic data reports and export them into other software.
  • Save time with an introduction to custom reports.
  • Determine if automated report generation could be beneficial for your organisation. 
  • Better understand of remote access and remote data services. 
  • And much more!

Get the best out of your MetroCount products

Elevate your skills, better your understanding and get the best out of your traffic surveys with MetroCount Certification Training. 

Attend our in-person, detailed training sessions.

Gain the tools you need to get the most out of your traffic survey programs.

Leave the session with MetroCount Certification!

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Module 1 - Introduction

  • Introduction to the MetroCount Certification training course.
  • How axle-based classifiers and classification schemes work.
  • How the MetroCount time-stamping and signature system work. 

Module 2 - Hardware

  • Best practices for MetroCount classifiers installation.
  • Tools and equipment required for installations. 
  • What types of roads require different counters or a combination of systems.
Roadpod BT

Module 3 - MTE Basics

  • Why use Site Lists and how to create them
  • Setting up a classifier using the MTE software. 
  • Managing datasets and data quality checking.
  • Editing dataset header parameters. 

Module 4 - ATLYST

  • Introduction to ATLYST.
  • Exploring the extensive data analysis available.
  • Make the most of the data visualisation and sharing.
  • Manage your site lists.
  • Exporting data to other software packages. 
RoadPod VP Installation

Module 5 - Product Suite

  • Know which type of counter suits which application
  • Intro to Remote Data Services
  • Intro to the different installation techniques
MetroCount Certification Training

Module 6 - Exam & Perks

  • Attending the full suite of Training Modules
  • Submit your exam responses
  • Gain your MetroCount Certificate of Achievement

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