Our partners in Chile, the Grupo DPS have undertaken a large bike monitoring project in the Aysén Region, installing 17 permanent

With 3600 inhabitants, the island of Ameland is a small municipality in the Netherlands, located between the North and the Wadden seas.

Donna Seymour, General Manager at Roading Logistics in New Zealand, shares her feedback on the RoadPod® VM real-time data collection system an

Main Roads WA needed to install a traffic counting solution as a back-up in place of several RoadPod® VP (Vehicle Piezo) sites that had faile

Conducting a traffic survey is an efficient method of collecting traffic data to identify focus areas and changes in patterns.

As a leading provider of traffic data solutions, MetroCount offers a wide range of traffic counters and data visualisation.

The RoadPod® VM patented magnetometers are small, unobtrusive and off-grid vehicle counters that provide real-time data on traffic movements.

With the use of ATLYST quickly becoming a top preference by customers around the world, we are  seeing successful stories arising with major benefits being felt by the organisations using the