Powerful Analytics & Data View

ATLYST is poised to transform the manner in which you perceive, evaluate, and disseminate traffic data. MetroCount has introduced a cutting-edge web-based analytics and survey management solution that streamlines data validation based on user-defined criteria while enabling complete control and ownership over data.

Effortlessly handle extensive survey programs, visualize your traffic data through an interactive map, and securely archive or update all your datasets in the Cloud. ATLYST harnesses the power of our esteemed MTE® Software, enhancing its capabilities and offering a seamless synergy.


Unmatched Data Accuracy for Extensive Reporting

MTE stands as an essential instrument for road managers and planners across the globe, facilitating everything from survey initiation to the revelation of intricate traffic patterns.

With compatibility ensured across all MetroCount systems, this versatile traffic analysis software effortlessly adapts to meet your specific survey objectives.

Opt for an extensive selection of traffic reports and graphs or tailor your own by adjusting parameters, granting you the flexibility to obtain precisely the insights you seek.

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