Active Transport Data

RidePod BT active transport counter
RidePod® BT

Portable Bicycle & Active Transport Counter

  • Active transport monitoring
  • Portable counter
  • Simple installation
  • Uses the same core tech as RoadPod VT
RidePod BP active Transport Counter
RidePod® BP

All-In-One Bike & People Counter

  • Permanent installation
  • Able to detect pedestrians
  • Utilises piezioelectric strips
  • Reliable for year-round data
Bike data display beside footpath
RidePod® QR

Public Bike Data Display

  • The Ride Pod logs the movement of pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles on pathways, storing this data until it is uploaded to a central server.
  • Through a Remote Access Link, the Ride Pod is capable of transmitting data via a mobile network to the internet based on a schedule that meets the client's needs.
  • Each logger is assigned a unique QR code by the ATLYST® platform. This code is printed on a sticker and placed on the QR Pod, facilitating easy identification and access.
  • When the QR code on the QR Pod is scanned, it directs the user's mobile device to a specific section within the ATLYST® platform. This section displays aggregated data collected by the logger.