Remote Access for Short-Term Surveys

The Remote Access Link transmits system diagnostics and traffic data from MetroCount tube classifiers through a secure server to your desk.

Say goodbye to time-consuming or dangerous site visits and delays in diagnosing issues. Now you can monitor your survey, download data and carry out tube checks daily from your office!

RoadPod VT

Remote Access for Permanent Surveys

A solar-powered cabinet beside your permanent survey site allows diagnostics and traffic data to be securely sent to your inbox at a schedule that suits you.

This eliminates routine site management visits while retaining full ownership and control over the data.

To assure the quality of your data, our resident traffic experts assist road managers in selecting the right equipment and the optimal site for remote traffic studies.

South Perth

Customised Schedule and Data Format

Along with MetroCount raw data, all Remote Data Services users can opt to regularly receive Excel spreadsheets, automatically sent from our expert systems. This service can be extended further to customised reports that include various site-specific metrics.

Spreadsheet Example

Complimentary MTE® Analysis Software

For extensive investigations on the raw data, Remote Data Services users get free access to the latest MetroCount Traffic Executive software. With thousands of users across the world, MTE is the most diverse traffic analysis software available and allows for easy re-analysis or comparison of historical data.