Traffic data can provide valuable insight into road user behaviour, traffic patterns, and the effectiveness of existing road safety measures. By gathering and analysing traffic data, we can identify where accidents are more likely to occur and take preventative steps, such as improving road design, implementing or adjusting posted speed limits, and introducing speed control devices, such as speed bumps or roundabouts. 

Collecting traffic data can also help measure the effectiveness of road safety initiatives over time, allowing authorities to make data-driven decisions about where to allocate resources and future road safety projects. 

Benefits of Collecting Traffic Data

Understanding Traffic Patterns

Identifying accident-prone areas

Encourages Data-Based Decisions

Choosing the right counter: Which of our products works best for your needs?

We have a large range of traffic counters and classifiers designed to improve every type of traffic survey. From temporary to continued surveys on busy or quieter roads, vehicles or active transport, we have a counter of classifier for it all. 

The RoadPod® VT Vehicle Tube Counters are ideal for short-term surveys on busier roads, or long-term data collection on roads with a lower traffic volume. The RoadPod® VT benefits users, where surveying traffic volumes and behaviours facilitates improved road safety strategies. These portable counters save time and money, without compromising the reliability that MetroCount has become known for.

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RoadPod VM Magnetometer Traffic Counter
RoadPod VM

Vehicle Magnetometer Counter & Classifier

  • Rapid installation
  • Real-time data
  • Length-based classification
  • 4-5 vehicle classes
RoadPod® VT Traffic Counter
RoadPod VT

Vehicle Tube Counter & Classifier

  • Records volume, speed, & more
  • 15+ vehicle classes
  • Simple installation
  • 10+ years of preformance
RoadPod VM-V (volume only)

Vehicle Magnetometer Counter (Volume only)

  • Rapid Installation
  • Counts 365 days a year
  • Minimal to no maintenance required
  • 99.95% accurate
RoadPod VT4

4-Tube Vehicle Counter & Classifier

  • 15+ Vehicle Classes
  • Portable Counter
  • Records multiple traffic parameters
  • Consistent, reliable data
RoadPod VL In The City
RoadPod VL

Vehicle Loop Classifier

  • Embedded inductive loops for long term data
  • Economical and efficient
  • 4-5 vehicle classes
  • Length based classification
Roadpod VP
RoadPod VP

Vehicle Piezoelectric Counter & Classifier

  • 15+ Vehicle Classes
  • Permanent Counter
  • Records volume, speed, class, direction, gap & headway
  • Provides highly accurate axle-based data
 RoadPod® VL5805
RoadPod VL 5805

Vehicle Loop Classifier

  • Embedded inductive loops for long term data
  • Economical and efficient
  • 4-5 vehicle classes
  • Length based classification
MetroCount - RidePod BT Cyclist counter with tubes
RidePod BT

Portable Bicycle & Active Transport Counter

  • Active transport monitoring
  • Portable counter
  • Simple installation
  • Uses the same core tech as RoadPod VT
RidePod BP - Bike, Scooter & Pedestrian Counter
RidePod BP

All-In-One Bike & People Counter

  • Permanent installation
  • Able to detect pedestrians
  • Utilises piezioelectric strips
  • Reliable for year-round data
MetroCount bike data display totem
RidePod QR

Public Bike Data Display

  • Future proofed - data can be changed and customised from the back end at any time
  • No need for power connection like other cycling totems
  • View data from other cycling surveys on the same map
  • Quick and easy install at any existing MetroCount survey site