At the test site three different technologies were installed :

  1. RoadPod® VP: Vehicle Piezoelectric Axle sensor-based Counter
    This was a set of dual 2-metre-length Piezo axle sensors, spaced 1 metre apart and embedded 25mm into the pavement.
  2. RoadPod® VL: Vehicle Inductive Loop sensor-based Counter 
    This was a set of dual 4 turns of 2 x 2 m inductive loops, spaced 3 m apart, embedded 50mm into the pavement
  3. RoadPod® VM: Vehicle Magnetometer sensor-based Counter
    This was an array of 4 hot glue surface mounted magnetometer raised pavement road stud each of dimensions  110mm x 110mm x 20mm (height)

A. Classification accuracy 98.9%

98.9% of vehicles were correctly classified according to the AustRoads-4 scheme, relative to the class reported by the loop system.

RoadPod VM Accuracy Study

B. Volume Accuracy 100%

Error = 0.00%

  • Loop Volume: 6186 vehicles
  • VM Volume: 6186 vehicles


C. Speed Accuracy 99.98%

6186 Vehicles surveyed

Average Error: -0.1% (0.0kph)
Median Error: -0.2% (-0.1kph)
Error Std. Dev.: 3.4% (1.4kph)

Loop 85th Percentile: 50.5kph
VM 85th Percentile: 50.5kph
DIFF 85th Percentile: -0.02%

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