Just south of Brisbane sits Logan City Council, a sprawling local government with a road network that connects 958 km2 of land throughout 70 suburbs

MetroCount has been actively campaigning to update the Austroads-94 vehicle class scheme so tha

The state of Colorado in the USA contains over 3.5 million acres of federally protected wilderness, much of which lies in remote regions of the Rocky Mountains.

Last week’s COVID lockdown in Perth, Australia highlighted the value of real-time traffic data collection for monitoring individual vehicle movements during critical times.

Many local governments and state road authorities have been using MetroCount traffic counters to monitor state borders during 2020’s coronavirus pandemic.

From MetroCount’s humble beginnings in 1987, founder Mike Kenny has always prioritised sustainable operational practices and a green approach to conducting business.

With almost five million visitors every year, Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Western Australia employs MetroCount’s piezoelectric system to mon

2020 has been a year of massive, unexpected change.