Since 2016, urban development consultants Analitica have been using automatic traffic counters to conduct road impact studies throughout Guatemala. We chatted with Analitica’s director, Oldin Ramirez to hear how MetroCount traffic monitoring systems have played a key role in informing real-estate projects and infrastructure development across the country.

Tell us a bit about the traffic studies you do.

Traffic Studies and Urban/Territorial Development

Analitica has supported real estate development projects since 2012 with traffic studies, road impact studies, traffic modelling and origin/destination surveys. 

We have also advised on the implementation of regulatory instruments related to road impact assessments, traffic studies and urban/territorial development.

How long have you been collecting traffic data with automatic counters?

Counter Setup

We started renting automatic traffic counters in 2016 when we carried out multiple traffic studies in different locations around the country.

More recently, we were approached by a customer who required a traffic study at a time when the equipment I usually rent wasn’t available. This was a blessing in disguise as it pushed me to investigate other traffic counting options. I stumbled across MetroCount and found that the equipment is ideal for the work I do.


Using the RoadPod® VT4 for monitoring multiple lanes has been a good experience, as I have learned how to interpret the criteria of configuration, installation and download of data.

The benefits of MetroCount equipment is definitely the quality of the data obtained along with the practical way we can set up counters in the office, instead of on the roadside.

Oldin Ramirez, Analitica Consultants

In addition, it has been extremely helpful to have full and unconditional support from MetroCount to solve doubts and questions both in the field and in the office.

How does the traffic data you collect help your clients?

RoadPod BT

The information Analitica provides to its customers is used for market decision making, development density, accessibility, and road infrastructure master plan management.

This is imperative in informing whether specific real estate projects are indeed feasible, or if plans require modification. The traffic studies we conduct have led to multiple developments going ahead across the country.

Why is it so important to collect up-to-date and detailed traffic data?

Having detailed information on the quantity and classification of vehicles allows us to create both market analyses and more technical analyses related to service levels, road capacities, design of pavement structures and more.

Thanks, Oldin for your insights into how you use traffic monitoring equipment in Guatemala. Here are some more photos of MetroCount solutions collecting data on Guatemalan roads:

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