Engaging Discussions

The event provided an excellent forum to meet with existing clients and partners while also forging new connections. We had many insightful conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing New Zealand's transportation sector. It was valuable to get direct input and learn about the evolving needs of councils and stakeholders across the country.

TG Conference

RoadPod VM Showcase

The MetroCount booth featured demonstrations of our groundbreaking RoadPod VM. The  patented magnetometers are small, unobtrusive and off-grid vehicle counters that provide real-time data on traffic movements. Many visitors were impressed by the ease of installation, durability, and accurate data this technology provides.


Micromobility Data Solutions

With the rapid growth of micromobility in cities worldwide, there was strong interest in MetroCount's offerings for monitoring bicycle and scooter usage. The RidePod BT and RidePod BP enables local councils to better understand micromobility patterns and safety to support infrastructure planning and policy decisions. We were excited to explore potential applications with conference attendees.

fietsonderzoek in Nederland

The TG Conference reaffirmed the importance of collaboration and innovation. MetroCount looks forward to continuing the conversations started in Nelson and working together with our partners to shape more efficient, sustainable and safe transport networks across New Zealand. Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit our booth and learn more about MetroCount's offerings. We eagerly await the next opportunity to connect with you.

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