Myth 1: Tube counters are outdated

Our tube counters have proven reliable and unbeatable over decades. Offering comprehensive traffic data, RoadPod®VT captures information about every vehicle, unlike alternatives that require drives to use apps or actively share their location. 

Building a complete picture of road usage and traffic patterns, tube counters can identify up to 12 vehicle classes with an accuracy of 99.98%, and monitor traffic 24/7. In fact, on low-volume roads, we often propose tube counters as a semi-permanent solution. 

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Myth 2: Camera technology and AI are superior

While they have advanced recently, camera and AI traffic monitoring systems still face challenges. These include substantial expenses, high energy usage, data security risks and privacy concerns for camera-based monitoring. These sensors have also shown unreliable performance in adverse conditions such as heavy rain, fog, snow, extreme heat, etc. 

Our R&D team continuously evaluates these and other technologies. Yet, camera sensots are yet to reach the MetroCount standards for accuracy, energy efficiency and durability in remote locations.


Myth 3: Recording bikes is different from counting cars

While we do not recommend using designated car counters to monitor bikes, we've successfully adapted our technology to develop the RidePod® range, which accurately records bikes, scooters, and pedestrians. 

With adjusted sensor sensitivity and tube thickness, the RidePod BT achieves accuracy levels similar to those of our road tube counter. Then, our world's first all-in-one micromobility counter, the RidePod BP, emerged from years of experimenting with and refining piezoelectric sensors originally used for vehicle monitoring. 

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Myth 4: Traffic counters are high-maintenance & power-hungry

While several systems require babysitting and a power supply, MetroCount traffic counters are low-maintenance and run entirely off-grid. It might be that Australia's vast remoteness had something to do with this design decision. 

The permanent monitoring solutions, powered by solar panels, autonomously record traffic 24/7 for years and years. Similarly, our portable traffic counters can operate on an internal alkaline battery pack for up to four years, with many units remaining in service for over two decades.


Myth 5: Sustainability is an industry challange

That might be right, but most industries are challenged by this. Yet, sustainability is at the heart of MetroCount. Beyond manufacturing climate-conscious products, we plant 10 trees for every traffic counter sold, totalling over 65,690 trees to date. 

Our energy-efficient Australian headquarters and local manufacturing support jobs while reducing our carbon footprint. As a traffic data leader, we also advocate for and monitor micromobility like cycling, scootering, and pedestrians.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about MetroCount's traffic data solutions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. 

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