Our Booth

The MetroCount booth was very popular, drawing a crowd eager to explore the new RoadPod® VM. The interactive display, complete with live demonstrations on a monitor, offered insight into how real-time traffic data revolutionises transport monitoring. 

Our multilingual team kept the international audience engaged, making everyone feel at home.  It was a lively spot where people worldwide got a firsthand look at our latest developments, such as ATLYST - the interactive analytics dashboard. 

Intertraffic Amsterdam

Star of the Show

As mentioned, the RoadPod VM was the most popular feature, and for a good reason. This innovative traffic counter uses patented magnetometers to enable quick and non-intrusive vehicle counting and real-time traffic data delivery. The VM is set up and ready to record traffic in just 60 seconds without requiring road cuts during installation. 

The device captures ongoing "loop-like" vehicle data including volume, speed, length, class, and traffic gap. Instantly uploaded into MetroCount's cloud-based ATLYST dashboard, the RoadPod VM analytics and reports are available immediately after installation. 

Intertraffic Amsterdam

Global Team, Local Impact

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 was a testament to MetroCount’s international reach, bringing together our dedicated team from the US, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, and France. It’s this global collaboration that enriches our approach to creating safer roads. Pictured here, Robert (Netherlands), Khailum and Guido (UK) team members from across the world share a moment of genuine connection, celebrating the shared goals and efforts that define our work.

Intertraffic Amsterdam

After the excitement of Intertraffic Amsterdam, it was time to kick back. Our team settled down for a hearty meal and a cheerful celebration of our achievements. Surrounded by good company and the clinking of glasses, it was the perfect wrap-up to an eventful couple of days.

Intertraffic Amsterdam

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